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Verdant’s Cascade is a D&D 5e Setting that explores the imbalance and consequences caused by the world of Verdant, and what effect that has on it’s two subworlds, Cyrith and Ethorune. Though the fates of all three have been bound and intertwined together, each of these worlds are completely unlike the other. With major differences in tone, flavour, history, character races, powers and genre, the three worlds can function independently from one another as individual settings, or be easily played as a collective setting.

“You cannot begin to fathom how much we have sacrificed for this thankless world. It would have been the wiser choice to abandon it. But even if it was, I could not have. This is my home. This is our Home.”Terastrevadaq the Accursed.

180,000 years ago, the Primordial Dragons restored life to their devastated homeworld of Verdant. First with the birth of their own draconic children, and then in time, the creation of new mortal races. But knowing that another world-ending calamity was inevitable, the Primordial Dragons set into motion a plan, that would help prevent, or at least delay Verdant’s impending destruction. They created five subworlds, designed to divert and redistribute the flow of mana into these outlying worlds. The result would diminish Verdant of it’s true potential, but also prevent it from achieving the power necessary to perpetuate it’s own annihilation.

However, whilst Verdant would be spared from catastrophe, the subworlds would have to play the part of sacrificial lambs, and be destroyed in Verdant’s stead, one by one, every 42,000 years. An ideal solution perhaps, to offer five barren worlds in exchange for one that was full of life. But the subworlds did not stay barren. They themselves were capable of facilitating creation, and could be terraformed to support life ad sapience of their own, in the form of mortals, plants, creatures, magic and gods to watch over them. The first three subworlds, and whatever life they held were wiped away without any hope of being saved. But the 4th subworld known as Cyrith, managed the impossible, and narrowly avoided being caught in the jaws of it’s own destruction. But it came at a significant cost, which was duly taken from both itself and it’s only existent sister world Ethorune, which was ravaged and fractured into pieces before it’s time.

In the next 30,000 years, a new emerging calamity will culminate, to destroy another world. But could Cyrith endure a second cataclysm? Or would it’s continued means of stability, cause it to be passed over in favour of finishing off the already weakened subworld of Ethroune? And yet Ethorune itself is far from powerless, now more than ever before. It’s people foster a strong and unifying bond of outrage and malice against Verdant. They believe it to be their given right to visit the retribution upon the Prime World, that it has so obviously tried to avoid… Until now. With Verdant flourishing in it’s golden age, Cyrith ceaselessly readapting to the flux of it’s worldly changes, and Ethorune preparing for an all-out interstellar war with Verdant, the forces at work across all three worlds, might end them long before any impending calamity does.

As Verdant, Cyrith and Ethorune are forced to vie for their own survival, there is one question that no one has yet to ask: Can all three even be saved?

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